Agron, Dolko and Barka. The gaydogtraining interview.

Continues the puppy interviews cycle. Now it’s the turn of the French trio of know them together.

Hi, can you introduce yourself to the readers of my website in few words ?

I’m Agron. I’m the Handler and I love all the puppies of the group. We live in a full time threesome relationship with Barka and Dolko for two years.
I’m Barka. I’m an Alpha pup, with a strong character and very playful.
I’m Dolko. I’m an Alpha pup, a bit cheeky..

Agron, Barka and Dolko, we’ve met at the 2016 Folsom. I later discover that you are very active in the Paris Puppies & Handlers scene. How is the Puppy life in France ? How is the atmosphere ?

It was not always easy, either because there was misunderstanding, or because jealousy from some people around us.
Some people confuse puppy play (which is about fun) and dogtraining (more sexual).
We wanted to create a smiling, festive and open minded community, where people are accepted whatever their age, their social status or their origins.

Now, after a lot of pedagogical work, it goes better. We wish to bring some freshness, with a lot of fun, music and noise, to break the codes and create new ones.


Barka, you’ve presented yourself as a representative of the French pup community to the european contest. Why this decision ?

I presented myself to defend the colours of the French puppy play, because a lot of puppies and handlers told me to do it. I took my final decision when I saw that there was no any french candidate, and after being strongly pushed and supported by my entourage.
I had a lot of fun, and I succeeded to combine three personal interests : dance, Mickael Jackson, and puppy play.

Dolko, you are the founder of Gaydogtraining. Why this decision to create a puppy club?

Dolko –
I’m into fetish and BDSM since seven years, and I discovered a lot of various practices. Since a bit more than four years, I was precisely interested by dogtraining, especially as Master. I had many domination/submission relationships in private circles, then I finally swiped to the puppy-play, which offer a more social and friendly dimension. So I naturally created this group the 17th of February, in 2013.

What are the origins of the names of your alter egos Puppies / Handler ?

Agron –
My name “Agron” comes from the serie Spartacus that I found out in 2011, and from the first season “Blood and Sand”. I immediately appreciated this germanic warrior named “Agron”. It was a slave… He embraced the cause of Spartacus when his brother were killed by Romans, in front of his own eyes, during the uprising of Ludus. Then, he will become one of the lieutenants of Spartacus, and the lover of Nasir, a beautiful Syrian slave. This character will play in all the seasons until the death of Spartacus. So I chose this name as Master, even if initially it was the name of a slave… more as a wink to the History.

Barka –

My name “Barka” comes from another character of this same serie Spartacus, that I love too.
Barca is the original name of a gay slave in this serie.
I got that replacing the “C” with a “K” could accentuate the dominant side, and could also customise it.
For the record, it is closed with “to bark” in english, so it fits perfectly to me.
This name sticking my skin so much that it really became my other first name.

Dolko –
My name Dolko comes from the homoerotic eponym book, telling the story of a young slave who has to execute the desires of his masters, even in the bedroom.
This name, it ‘s Agron and Barka that gave it to me, the day of my adoption in march, 2015.

Tell me on your alter ego Puppy / Handler. That is the difference from the person you are every day?

In our everyday life, our human moods are pretty close from our puppies/handler moods, except that we are much more orderly and serious 😉

What do you like in the fetish environment, but especially what you do not like?

We like diversity, leather, rubber, neoprene, skaters, and all the other various practices. What we don’t really like is the separation that sometimes exist between them. The way puppies and handlers dress up or practice are precisely much more various and not so parted..

The puppy play has become very popular in recent years. Why do you think it attract many people ?

We think that if puppy play suits well to a lot of non-fetish people, it’s because it introduces new concepts that (for us) do not exist in other fetish practices. The role play, without the absolute necessity of the sexual dimension, and a real releasing feeling (“pup space”).
This feeling brings a lot of satisfaction, with or without sex.

Would you have any advice for people who want to become puppy?

Abandon yourself, do what you want… anyway have fun while practicing safe sex

Do you have a last word for the readers of my site?

Yes ! Have fun ! free yourself ! without considering other people’s judgments 😉

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