Madrid World Pride Gallery (4/4)

I’ve done a lot of photos on this trip, but most of all, so many people have shot a lot of photos of me, here’s a gallery trying to tell the emotions of this wonderful week. I want to thank all those who made and published these photos, I hope they are happy to see their shots here too.

Thanks anyway to everyone and above all:

Mr. Fetish (Leather) Spain 2017 – Janos aka Janos Leather
Mr. BMrL 2016/Board of MLC – Werner
Mr. Leather Austria 2017 – Thomas
Mr. Bear Netherlands 2017 – Marcel
Mr. Deaf Fetish Germany 2017 – Pandi
Mr. Leather Italy 2017 – Fabrizio
Mr. Rubber Italy 2017 – Joy Gen
Mr. Rubber Spain 2017 – JV London
Mr. Fetish Finland 2017 – Mikko
Mr. Leather Belgium 2017 – Sandro aka Darco
Mr. Leather UK 2017 – Jamie Wake aka James Leatherlad
Mr. Leather France 2017 MrLeather Normandie Aureus
Mr. Leather Romrod – David
Mr Deaf Bear Germany 2017 …
Henk aka Henricus as Board member of the “SLFC”
Cosimo Capanni – I runner-up MisterLeatherItaly 2017
Joe Staples (link)

A important special thank you also to Elmo.


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Da parte di tutti i cuccioli italiani un grande grazie per aiutarci a costruire la nostra cuccia digitale.

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