About me

  • I’m ZAUSH, I’m from Milan, Italy. I started Puppy play in September 2015 and I have been to some events in Italy.
    I started with some basic stuff: one mask and one plug-tail. In the beginning, I was more interested in puppy play state of mind, then I improved my personality as a puppy and my gear as well.


  • I always had a weakness for anthropomorphic forms; I have been following the furry sub-culture for a long time: I found the figures of Adam Wan very sexy and exciting and so the character I share the name with: Zaush, I can say that everything started from that: I think that representing human sexual urges through anthropomorphic animals, sporting amazing human bodies is a very interesting idea… don’t get me wrong, it has nothing to do with bestiality or other perversities: I don’t have that kind of interest; it is more a fantasy, impossible to realize 100%, unfortunately, but – believe me – if Adam Wan’s characters existed, I’d be the first to be excited about them. Puppy play practice has been the natural evolution of this fetish.
  • The hardest obstacle on my way as a puppy was to be able to convey the fact that puppies are not necessarily dog slaves. I noticed that in Italy it is difficult to understand that even though you are down on all fours wearing a dog mask, you are only trying to play the role of a “real dog” and not looking for humiliation or corporal punishment, contrary to a slave, who lowers himself from a human being to an animal, to be treated or even mishandled like a dog.


  • The message that I would like to convey, also as a representative of the Italian fetish community, is that being a puppy is a state of mind, it is a space where you leave the rational part of your mind and bring out instinct and spontaneity. It really means to dismiss everyday life’s clothes and wear your deeper self for a few hours. In the end, we are just evolved animals and we should never hide our real nature.