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All Dogs Go to Heaven

All Dogs Go to Heaven and if you go to “Heaven Club” in the most fantastic and largest gay club in London, as I do, you are a very lucky dog. Fantastic music, a wonderful atmosphere and many beautiful boys. negative note, the line to get in. We waited 1 hour with cold wind whipping from the river. brrrrr my tail was frozen!

London CallingLondon CallingLondon CallingLondon Calling

London Calling

Some photos of my short trip to London in the company of my friend and temporary dog-sitter Marco. It's was great  the city tour and it's was  wonderful find corners to take these pictures. Unfortunately the London weather did not cooperate with us. Probably I will return this spring in England also to visit Manchester, where the scene puppy is more interesting.

Folsom 2016

The FOLSOM was really a great and fantastic experience, maybe even, have told me, that the "puppy" phenomenon has never been so present years before. One thing is for sure I never wag my tail so much!

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Pup Zaush

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Da parte di tutti i cuccioli italiani un grande grazie per aiutarci a costruire la nostra cuccia digitale.

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